Why did I become a Beachbody coach? (the long story)

My journey with Beachbody technically goes back to college. ¬†I’ve done Tae Bo, Turbo Jam, Yoga Booty Ballet, P90X, tried Insanity once and barely made it through the warm up ūüėČ ¬†However, my recent dedicated Beachbody Journey really starts in January 2014.

January 2014-I had gained some weight over the past year or two due to lack of working out and stress eating while moving and going through a hard time at work.  However, I also had just had my IUD removed to try for baby #3, so I thought I will try to be healthy while pregnant and really lose the extra pounds afterwards like I had done before.  Unfortunately my cholesterol is elevated, and I have a family history of early heart disease, so this is not good.

February 2014- my Aunt dies from complications from the flu. ¬†Not two days after we get back from her funeral, I get the dreaded middle of the night call. ¬†My step father calls saying my mom had gone to the emergency room, her heart had stopped, they had her on medicines and a breathing machine and were transferring her to the tertiary hospital 20 minutes away but they weren’t sure if she was going to make it. I spent most of the next 3 weeks down in Louisiana at the hospital but thankfully my mom improved and made it home.

April 2014- pregnant!

May 2014- miscarriage. ¬†Even though it was early, I was more devastated than I could have imagined. ¬†Then for the next seven months, month after month of trying and waiting and being disappointed. ¬†I didn’t exercise, I ate too much, I didn’t sleep, I was stressed.

December 2014- see OB, bloodwork confirms I am not ovulating, we try one cycle of Femara unsuccessfully.

January 2015- I was unhealthy mentally and physically. ¬† I needed a change. ¬†Enter the wonderful Shannon Dew, the insane Shaun T and T25. ¬†I also did PiYo and started drinking Shakeology and following a mainly clean diet. ¬†Over the next 10 weeks, my health improved drastically. And I was happier, more productive and sleeping better. ¬† I participated in my coach’s accountability and challenge groups. ¬†On my own, I’m sure I would have given up. ¬†But I had found a supportive group of people that were all dedicated to getting and staying healthy. ¬† I decided to further push it and start P90X3. ¬†All ¬†3 of the programs I chose because they were 30ish minutes or less and I figured even I had time for that. ¬† After 5 months I had lost 20 pounds and felt great. ¬†Just a month in my LDL had already dropped 30 points, though it still has some more room to go down.

May -July 2015- more cycles of Femara, monitoring shows I’m not responding to the medication and will likely need IUI or IVF. ¬†I had slacked off on exercise and the old stress eating habits were returning. ¬†I have gained back about 6 of the pounds I had lost. ¬†So, I have decided before making a decision on the fertility treatments, I want to get back on board full time with my fitness. ¬†Since I’ve already been using Beachbody so much I realized it was past time I become a coach. ¬†I’m mostly doing it to help myself but if I can help even one person like my coach helped me, then it will all be worth it.