As I sit here having my Recover, enjoying a fall-like morning, I decided to write down some of my thoughts regarding my fitness journey over the summer.  It was too long for Facebook, so I decided to give the blog a try again.


I just finished another round of Hammer and Chisel, and to be honest, I loved it, even more than the first time I did it.  I don’t LOVE cardio in a traditional sense, so anything that can burn calories and increase endurance without feeling like straight cardio is a good thing for me.  I lost exactly….ZERO pounds.  I didn’t take measurements but I probably lost a little in my waist, not much.  However, sometimes no progress is some progress.  This was re-emphasized to me as I logged back on and realized it was two years ago I began my blog and about 2.5 years ago that I started my weight loss journey…again.

You see, I’m one of the weird people that GAIN weight during the summer.  Between vacations, kids being home and more relaxed, making treats, going on vacation, baseball tournaments where we eat out all weekend, the diet just isn’t perfect, and while I still usually get at least 4 workouts in, sometimes I can’t get all 5-6.  Last summer, this led to me gaining some weight back.  Then I started to lose it over the fall and winter, slowly.  Then come spring time…it’s been the same.  But compared to a year ago even, this is improvement, for two main reasons.

1- I didn’t gain weight

2- More importantly, I did eat healthier, not always, but mostly.  And I WANTED to. Like I craved vegetables.  I FEEL BETTER when I fuel with good food.  And, when I did have a treat, I had what I wanted.  And listened and ate only enough to enjoy that treat.  I indulged, but I didn’t over-indulge.  And I DIDN’T FEEL GUILTY about it.  Before I would either not eat a treat because I still needed to lose weight, or if I did, I would start to feel bad, think I was doomed to never lose weight, and get a little more off track than I should have.  So the fact that I didn’t really THINK about food other than wanting veggies over the summer, well, it was a good thing.

The rest of this week will probably be pretty light as we head to the beach for one last summer weekend before I can really pretend it’s fall.  I’m definitely going to be doing A Week of Hard Labor with Sagi when I get back, but after that, I’m not quite sure yet.  Stay tuned…


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